Kevin House LLB, BA, MCom Law(Hons) – Consultant

Kevin House LLB, BA, MCom Law(Hons)Kevin House’s expertise encompass business structures and trust and tax law, including asset planning and business planning protection for corporate shareholders, directors and individuals wishing to preserve and protect wealth. Kevin’s extensive commercial and trust law knowledge and experience provide a valuable resource for the benefit of the firm and Franklin Law clients.

His experience includes work in a wide range of commercial, corporate, trust and contract law areas. He also has skills and experience in advising company directors, shareholders and partners over matters affecting their businesses, their rights and liabilities. Kevin has worked closely over a number of years with other professionals, particularly accountants, in assisting clients with legal input to best preserve, grow and eventually realise the value of their businesses and in resolving the business disagreements, which inevitably occur from time to time.

He has more than 40 years of practice as a commercial lawyer, many as a partner in central Auckland commercial law firms. Kevin joined Franklin Law in 2009, became a Partner in 2010, and a Consultant in 2021

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