For help or legal advice on doing a subdivision in Franklin

If  you require legal advice or assistance on completing a subdivision in Franklin, or another subdivision is affecting you, contact the Commercial Property solicitors at Franklin Law.

Franklin Law has a team of professionals dedicated to solving tricky property matters and advising on complex development projects.  If you’re looking at doing a subdivision in Franklin – whether that be a 25 lot subdivision or a simple  boundary adjustment – or whether you’re going to be affected by another subdivision, our subdivision solicitors will have done it before and have the experience and expertise you need.

The Unitary Plan which became operative towards the end of 2016 ear-marks large parts of Franklin for future urban development and has created countryside living zones where new lifestyle sections can be created.

Growth can bring new tensions and conflict. Negotiating the approval of neighbours to a proposed development can be a delicate task. This is especially the case when failure to obtain approval can mean suffering the additional costs delay of a limited notification hearing. Shared right of way arrangements and building covenants can be thorns in landowners’ sides for many years to come if not drafted with care.

We love the work we do and we love helping Franklin locals (both new and existing), so if you’ve got a property project you need assistance with, the property development experts at Franklin Law will have the knowledge and expertise you need.

If you need a lawyer for a subdivision or simply want to know what’s involved, call us today on 0800 842 972 or email our commercial property Partner, Glen Low.