Waiuku Primary Student Year 7's Nathan Stenhouse Firm supports Waiuku Primary encouraging chess-playing students

Children at Waiuku Primary are schooling up on the moves and strategies associated with the game of chess, on their now complete oversize chess set – an initiative made possible because of a donation from Franklin Law.

Chess is an increasingly popular game at the school, with several children learning the game at home and then their interests being supported at school with the establishment of a chess club. Until recently the school’s giant chess set was incomplete but, after a donation by Franklin Law last term, the school was able to complete it.

Franklin Law partner, Glen Low and solicitor and Waiuku local, Nicola Oldridge, visited the school on Thursday 17 August to meet the chess-mad children, play a game with them and learn about their strategies for a successful game.

School librarian and ISOL lead, Anita Lamont, says the school’s recently established chess club is an initiative that supports the school’s philosophy of 100% participation.

“Part of our aim at Waiuku Primary is to have full participation. Every child should try everything at least once. It’s also a way to foster friendship groups and to enable the older more experienced children to show leadership and develop teaching skills. We have a number of differing activities on offer which support these school–wide aims, with chess being a popular one at the moment.”

In summertime, it’s hoped the oversized chessboard and set will be able to be left outside during school hours so the children can engage with it, in an outdoor environment, whenever they are free.

School principal, Simon Drewery, fully endorses the game of chess as a learning tool and because the chess set is oversized and interactive it also encourages physical movement, he says.

“Our kids are so electronically-based today that to get them physically involved in something is a good outcome and one that can deliver significant benefits.”