Dispute resolution – how to avoid court?Senior litigator and lawyer for dispute resolution, Eddie Taia

Eddie Taia, Senior Litigator

Unfortunately disputes are a regular part of life.  Often people sort their differences out by themselves and move on, but sometimes they choose to become entrenched in their views or they have an emotional investment so that all reason and common sense is lost. At this time, it can be helpful to involve someone who is experienced in dispute resolution.

You may be looking for third party assistance as disputes can become toxic which can be incredibly stressful for all involved, especially if they involve family, personal relationships or business arrangements.

Franklin Law has a number of experienced lawyers who can advise and help parties resolve their problems. There are a number of ways to do this, ranging from negotiating with the other party to offering pragmatic and practical solutions. And if the dispute cannot be resolved such that Court or arbitration is required, then we have lawyers that can help, including an experienced Court team.

The information contained in this paper is necessarily of a generalised nature and specific advice should be sought in relation to any particular situation. If you need to speak to someone about resolving conflict, we can help. Call us today on 0800 842 972 or email our senior litigator Eddie Taia.