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Someone owes me money – what can I do? Debt recovery law Franklin Law

One of the cornerstones to operating a successful business is having debtors pay their bills on time.

There is nothing worse than spending time pursuing a reluctant and tardy payer.  This can have a negative impact on cash flow and the viability of your business, and we are sure you would much rather be spending your energies on something more productive and positive rather than chasing debtors.

Franklin Law can offer practical and easy to understand advice on how to approach late payers.  For example, do you have appropriate terms of trade, or do you have any rights to a security.  If there is no payment, should you go through the Disputes Tribunal or Court?

The firm has on staff a debt recovery lawyer experienced in commercial and debt recovery procedures.  If you need proper trading  terms, we can help. If you need guidance on formal methods of recovery such as Court we can help on that as well.

If you need to speak to a lawyer well versed in commercial law, debt recovery and disputes, contact Eddie Taia at Franklin Law today on 0800 842 972.