Moving into a retirement village can be the first step in an exciting new stage of your life. Not all retirement villages, however, are the same and vary widely in their accommodation support, management, legal and financial structures. It is important to ensure that you obtain all the information available on a retirement village and the legal documentation that a village will ask you to enter into prior to making not only a large lifestyle change but a significant financial commitment.

Franklin Law has, over the years, worked with hundreds of clients helping them to understand their legal rights and obligations surrounding retirement villages. We are experts in retirement law and Partner Glen Low has presented to a nationwide online audience of Solicitors at the request of the Auckland District Law Society. Glen has also spoken on behalf of the retirement commissioner on the benefits and potential pitfalls of entering into an occupation rights agreement with a retirement village.

At Franklin Law, we know the legal documentation used by all the villages within our district and can help you compare retirement village offerings to enable you to make a fully informed decision.

How we can help
  • Advising and assisting you with entry into a retirement village
  • Assisting you with the surrender or termination of an occupation licence in a retirement village
  • Helping you navigate a retirement village’s complaint process to ensure that your rights are being fully protected